About Doll & Director


Doll & Director embodies the concept of powerful glamour for the modern woman.


She craves an elevated, sophisticated approach to practical dressing. A minimal solution with a maximal sensibility.


She values comfort, luxury and sensuality.  


Sometimes the doll, always the director.





The concept of accessible glamour has been the philosophy of Doll & Director's founder, Vanessa Roberts for as long as she can remember. An adventurous fashion entrepreneur, she is the founder of the 'Glamadonna' jewellery label and is also the Managing Editor of popular Australian women's style website 'Breakfast with Audrey'.


Despite being saturated with clothing options - both as a fashion editor and as a consumer, Vanessa imagined a simpler, more luxurious wardrobe that spoke to her aesthetic and busy lifestyle.


Because Vanessa noticed she was repeatedly wearing only the most adaptable and flattering garments in her wardrobe (predominantly black pants and pencil skirts) she set about re-crafting these clothing staples in the ultimate expression of timeless luxury - leather.


Vanessa quickly became infatuated with the ease of dressing around this luxe material, and the elevated feeling she had whilst wearing it - whatever the occasion.


Doll & Director's leather 'basics' are the solution if you imagine a luxurious, confident and sexy style of dressing for yourself.  


More must-have pieces will be released shortly. Follow us on instagram for updates and inspiration.